The Candy Palace and MMJ Foundation sponsor several school programs to help encourage children to explore their creativity and learn about philanthropy from an early age. All of our school programs are free to to schools. We are currently accepting accepting applications for schools interesting in participating in the Paper Palace Program. The Candy Palace Writing Contest, a biennial contest where children have the chance to have their stories turned into professionally published picture books, will also be beginning very soon.

The Paper Palace

School Participation Request Form

Free Author/Illustrator school visit provided by J. H. Everett and The Candy Palace, a program of the MMJ Foundation.

It’s simple…

The Candy Palace program and MMJ Foundation have been working closely with Author/Illustrator J.H. Everett to help engage elementary school-aged children on the issue of child hunger in the United States. Together we believe that kids can help each other by doing a little bit every day and, every time they enjoy a meal at home, save a little spare change for hungry children.  They save their change in their very own Paper Palace Bank.

Schools who choose to participate will receive:

  • A 3-D cut out Paper Palace Bank for each participating student
  • An information worksheet
  • A book order form

The creation of the Paper Palace Bank can either be a classroom project or be taken home by each child to build with their family and start saving for the food bank.  This is both a positive act of charity on an achievable everyday basis for a child and a contributing program that makes a real difference for the food bank and Kids café program.  We recommend that you start the program 6-8 weeks before J.H. Everett visits your school. Set a final collection date about a week before his visit. A representative from The Candy Palace will pick up the change and prepare an over-sized check to congratulate your students on the day of the school visit.  100% of the funds raised will go directly to the Kids Cafe program of the Second Harvest Food Bank.

When J.H. Everett visits your school, the PTA, students and teachers will present the food bank with a donation check.  In return, you will receive an official certificate from The Candy Palace program thanking your school, along with a memory photo from the event. Your school will also be listed as a participating school  on The Candy Palace Website.

Think about it…

If each child in your school collected just $2-3 over the course of the program your school could be donating over $1000 (or 3,000 meals!) for hungry children in your community.  And don’t forget that 100% of the profits from the book sales of Izzy and the Candy Palace also go to the Kids café program.

How to get your school involved…

To schedule a visit or receive more information, please submit form below or email For any questions, please feel free to call 949.500.4504

Kids can and do make a difference every day!

Writing Contest

The Candy Palace Writing Contest

The Candy Palace program is sponsoring a biennial writing contest and transform the original story of one Orange County child into a published, professionally illustrated children’s book whose full profits will be donated to the Kids Cafe program. The stories will be reviewed and chosen by the program’s board, which includes children’s book authors, editors and illustrators. A selection of stories will also be posted on the website.

The contest is being conducted in partnership with several Orange County schools whose grade 2 through 8 students will be eligible to submit their original stories for consideration.